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Who Is The Designato?

Every trip needs to have a Designato (Italian for designated). The Designato gathers their group of family, friends or business partners who have been talking about their dream trip for a long time. Great things can happen at these gatherings….you set your dates, commit to being part of the group and what your budget is, and review destinations the group is most interested in visiting.

The next decision is to select a company with a Travel Design Service that will cater to your wishes and dreams.

The Designato should contact Luxe Wellness in Italy!

Family Reunions - Italian style – are a wonderful time to share with different generations in a culture that fosters the togetherness of family. Italian families treasure their time spent together whether at a bountiful meal or a walk or into the village for a cafe.

Villa Fantasy - the warmth of a private villa is a perfect way to show your love for a family member. Surprise them and let them create the guest list. The guests accommodations in this case are usually paid for by the host. You can decide if your guests are paying for their own transportation and meals. …or maybe just their transportation. Each guest could also be responsible for one dinner for the group.

Destination Birthday Parties - How many times have you discussed with your friends that you would all love to share turning that new decade together...a birthday that needs to be celebrated in style. The biggest question is always...should we bring our partners, or spouses? With or without your companions, a birthday trip to Italy is the only way to celebrate this year! Your Travel Designer for Italy will make all of the arrangements and create an Itinerary that is customized for your group.

Destination Anniversary Parties - Show your love for each other by planning a special vacation to Italy. Travel with the people who have made your years together meaningful. Our Travel Designer for Italy will customize your itinerary, make your travel plans simple and create a venue which you will treasure forever!

Special Business Meetings or Retreats - it may be a wonderful incentive for reward travel for a group or a strategic planning meeting that requires great brain storming. Ideas flourish when one is in this idyllic setting. Our Travel Designer for Italy will custom design an itinerary that caters to your business objectives. As the Designato: your role is key to the success of the group event!