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Sicily/The Aeolian Islands

Explore the wonders of Sicily starting with Palermo and then working your way around the island to Agrigento where you may feel as if you are back in time. The ruins of the Greek Temples are overwhelming yet fabulous. Drive through to Siracusa, located on the Ionian Coast of Sicily. Here you will find a city that while its’ history is strong with the Greeks and Romans, its’ current commitment is to stay modern by updating the hotels, restaurants, and streets. There is a vibe in the city that is contagious and the Duomo Square is one of the most beautiful in Italy. Another favorite stop is the quiet and elegant town of Noto. A separate trip could be just doing the Islands especially Panarea and Salina. Renting a Villa on the water in Sicily is an experience you will never forget. Once you visit Sicily it keeps calling you back.

Views of Sicily